How Jaundice led me to do my own Startup and make a Smart Water Bottle ?


It was 10th March 2010 when I was out of hunger and instead only wanted to drink water for the second continuous day. I was almost a month away from my IIT exam for which I dropped one year ago and was in the most famous place for such kind of people, yes you are right, Kota. It’s a small and famous town in Rajasthan where everyone comes to give a new shape to their career.

So I went to a doctor for a check up as there seems to be something wrong with my body. As soon as the doctor saw me, he told me you have jaundice and it looks severe one. In Jaundice, our eyes become yellow which he immediately noticed but I never did. He asked a few questions to which I replied in affirmative and it was confirmed. Then he did a blood test for letting me know how much time I have before I should pack my bags and go home. The coaching was over, it was revision time for us to give a final shot before the D-Day but suddenly this new subject came into my life which nobody ever taught. So then I started to research on this topic before I gave this breaking news surprise to my parents on their silver jubilee.

My brother then took me to my home and I was on liquid diet for some days as advised by the doctor. It was really shocking for me to know that medical science has become so advanced but don’t have a cure for this disease, in fact, you are advised not to take any medicines but only water. Water became my best friend for those days.

For initial days I was in Chandigarh and after some days I went back to the Shimla, a beautiful place where my parents lived and where I have spent the almost whole of my life. The only cure was to drink lots and lots of water but Shimla is such a cold place where you don’t feel thirsty easily. So it was difficult to drink water but then my father bought a bag full of coconuts as coconut water is tasty and a healthy cure for the same. After 10 days, I was feeling better when my parents love took over doctor’s advice and they offered me paranthas(flatbread) one day. Those paranthas landed me to a hospital bed and I was on glucose for 1–2 days. Jaundice became worse and took some more time to recover.

This disease definitely left me with an increase in my knowledge about health and taught me how all junk,oily food can be dangerous for us and how much our body has to work to filter out these toxins.

Then I got admission in a college and my crazy mind always had different ideas. In my college, I got some crazy friends with the similar mindset. I used to write up my ideas on the last page of my notebook but never got a chance to work on most of them. This led to frustration. I joined as an android developer in a startup and believe me when you know how to code in the most popular language and you have some crazy ideas, your mind starts coming up with more and more. After making a huge list in my smartphone and I was again frustrated by not getting enough time to execute them.

Last year was kind of startup year in India and web series like Pitchers by TVF even boosted it further. So I connected with one of my college friends who was working in a nearby company to stop thinking and do something. In college we participated in a few Robotics workshop and hardware always used to amaze us. Then we decided to give some shot to our ideas, and started working on different hardware ideas and experimented with a few small projects even when both us from the software background. Firstly we made a home automation system concept by controlling lights from our smartphone. It was a really good moment for us as hardware was really interesting and when you combine it with software, it becomes awesome.

Then after figuring out some things and pondering on several ideas, we decided to leave our jobs and work on a software product. The product concept was ready but it involved partnering with big businesses which was taking a lot of time.

I was staying at my friend’s home and he used to be very concerned about his parent’s water intake. Even he had a chance to meet jaundice some time back. So in between our software product we kept on thinking different ideas. Our past experiences with jaundice, his concern towards his parents and our interest in making everything around us smart led us to the idea of Smart Water Bottle. The idea was of solving our problems by a bottle which can track our water intake in real time and tell us at the end of day how much we actually drank on our smartphone.

This is how Jaundice helped us to work on our new startup Ripple Smart Water Bottle. We have been working on this for last 7 months and want to bring our vision out and let people stay hydrated. We will be out with its first look soon. Hope none of you faces such problem before taking care of your water intake and food habits.

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