How Engineering helped me as a Marketer

Engineer turned Marketer

Shubham, how is Mechanical Engineering helping you in your current Job Profile?” asked a certain someone through message.
The question infuriated me. It didn’t take a long time for me to start clenching my teeth, watching it stare my face through my phone.

The message didn’t even have an emoticon for that matter. 
Nothing to express the reason behind such curiosity. 
Just sitting there in all its seriousness. 
Morbid in itself.
I simply threw the phone aside and went to take a leak. 
It wasn’t the first time that I came across a question like this. Paraphrased versions of it popped every now and then in family gatherings and occasions. But I always dodged them with a witty response or an engineered wordplay. 
Being a Digital Marketer with a graduation degree in Mechanical & Automation Engineering is a matter of incompetency (read Infidelity) in our Indian culture.
Okay, maybe I sound a bit dramatic. It might have been a matter of offence a decade ago. Times have changed. Our generation is more rational towards concept of life now.
But then, why did I still face such annoying questions? 
I was done with it (pun intended). I zipped my pants and repeated the question several times in my mind. By the time I reached the sink, I’d decided to give a proper answer to this question.

I took my notepad and immersed myself into analysing as how Engineering has helped me as a Marketer.

Following points were the result of my self-analysis:

  1. Studying in an engineering college enhanced my thought process. 
    Books became a food for brain. And of course, I’m not talking about the course-books. Poems and stories had become an integral part of life. 
    I learned to articulate my thoughts better in words.
    It comes in handy as a Marketer.
  2. I grew an itch for detailing.
    Scoring good marks in a subject was not everyone’s cup of tea. 
    You had to be a smart worker. Intrinsic details of a phenomena or concept were valuable in exams. I learned this well through my course. 
    Details are equally important in advertising. You ought to know the right thing that you need to give, in the right words, just like those answers to the professors.
  3. To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.―Anonymous

    Engineering gave me an analytical approach towards problem solving. It is utile to know the right tools and methods to deal with a problem in marketing.
  4. <i/> learnt to code.
    Ability to code and understand the trends of technology is no longer a “good to have thing”. It has become a requirement in Marketing. 
    Digging the metrics and producing quantifiable results through data-driven techniques is a part of process.

    Thank God I was made to sit in those Computer Science classes despite my branch. Education system was not that bad after all, eh?
  5. I spoke both Business and Tech. 
    It helps to be the bridge between Business Development team and Tech team.

    Those word-vomits in Practical Exam Viva are serving a better purpose now.
  6. I don’t spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.― Elon Musk

    Engineering somehow fed it well into my system to be hard-boiled and realistic.

    Sometimes an idea or concept can be very cool and appealing to the CEO and team. But it becomes the job of a marketer to pull out the Yellow Legal Pad and have a Pros & Cons session to minimise the risk.

    Our Marketing Director does it often (He happens to be an Electronics & Communication Engineer).
Yellow Legal Pad

I had a proper answer to the question now.

And having written all points as a reply to that person made me feel good. Until….
I read a plain “Ok” in response to my answer.
Like seriously?