A Beginner’s Guide to Football in Spain

The football scene in Spain is one of the best in the world, with the La Liga getting tremendous support from fans across the globe. Blame the top 2 teams, F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid for this, and of course, it is because it comes to Messi vs. Ronaldo. Who do you support when you get go through Spanish football news? All this and more on what to know about Spanish football, in this article.

The La Liga was started in the year 1929 and has since turned out to be one of the most followed leagues globally. It has seen more than 60 competing clubs, but only 9 have managed to get to the 1st place. These clubs include FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Atletico Bilbao, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Deportivo La Coruna, Sevilla, and Real Betis. Let’s get to know this tournament a little more.

How many teams compete?

20 of the best football clubs participate in the tournament, which is the biggest in Spain. Each team has to face the 19 opponents. Every season has 380 matches. The teams are awarded and given points according to their performance. Every win is awarded 3 points. If a team draws a game, then 1 point is awarded to each team. No points are awarded for losses.

Which are the best teams in the tournament?

The best teams to compete in the Spanish league are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These are also the teams to have won the most number of UEFA Champions League title and the UEFA Europa League title. The teams have two of the best football players of the current generation, Lionel Messi for FC Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid. The rivalry between these two clubs is legendary.

What is El Clasico?

The match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is known as El Clasico. This game is the most awaited in the tournament as the supporters of the teams take everything to the next level. The game is marked by aggressive play, verbal profanity and other things which spike adrenaline on both sides. There is a reason why El Clasico is legendary. Today, it has become Ronaldo vs. Messi along with the decades-old club rivalry.

How can I stay updated?

You can stay updated by following certain websites which can give you the Spanish football news every day. This will include everything from point allotment, game schedules, transfers, interviews, etc. Apart from the overall news, there are websites which even have legit sections for news which is only related to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Many websites also have their following on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This way you do not have log into the website every time. Just by following them on Facebook on Twitter can give you the latest updates about the Spanish transfer news, game news, and interviews. So, start following the news from Spanish football and in no-time you will be glued to the games played in the league.

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