Today we’re celebrating a small yet important milestone of 1000 crowd-sourcing contributions (submissions) on CybrHome.

Soon after we had launched our beta in 2015, we realized its easy to collect and curate a few sites but it is hard to scale content and it is even harder to keep a listed site’s details updated.

To solve this problem in our product, amidst other ideas, we decided to introduce Crowd-sourcing at CybrHome where our users can add, edit and contribute to content (websites, topics and categories). People can also report a website/topic/category or delete them.

Crowdsourcing is a specific sourcing model in which individuals or organizations use contributions from Internet users to obtain needed services or…

Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Larry Page. Sergey Brin. They share more than a few enviable accomplishments. They’re billionaires, they made their fortunes in tech and they started their businesses while they were still students. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re seriously smart cookies.

However you slice it, they’re all living proof that you don’t have to wait until after graduation to launch your own business. And, as is the case for Gates and Zuckerberg, you might not have to graduate at all (though, to be clear, I’m not advocating for dropping out).

If you’re considering becoming a student entrepreneur, just…

It’s hard to leverage the internet. Most people do not know websites that they should know. Sometimes people find an important site or app years later and regret for not knowing about it earlier. People are missing on the best tools, useful content and life-changing opportunities available to them, resting a few clicks away.

It is hard to be productive online and leverage the internet. I think there are two reasons why most of the people end up doing the same activity on web everyday instead of spending time on better things.

First, people are habitual of a few websites…

It’s hard to explore the internet. Most people do not know websites that they should know. New internet users find it hard to hunt for great products, tutorials or anything they required in general. Sometimes people find an important website after years and then regret that they never knew it earlier. People are missing on great useful life-changing websites and opportunities on the internet every day.

Today for the Medium community, I am announcing a new medium publication — ‘Explore The Internet’, focused on people who love exploring the web. …

Announcing our all-new CybrHome android app, redesigned from scratch. This is a new world of websites, reinvented around you.

★ Discover and review new websites, blogs and products everyday.
★ Explore topics, categories, our curated collections and top charts.
★ Follow your friends and see their reviews and other activity.

Install our app from and share with your friends.

• Write us a detailed feedback at
• You can report us issues at
• If you have any feedback or questions, please email us at


• See our web app at
• Get our chrome extension from
• Check our blog at

Announcing our all-new CybrHome mobile website, redesigned from scratch. Now you can explore websites on the go on the mobile web.

The new mobile website introduces most of features we have on the CybrHome desktop web app. Use on your phone or check from your desktop browser.

Like, review, bookmark websites and share them with friends. Find out more about any website or discover similar websites.

The CybrHome Chrome Extension once added to the Chrome enables you to do a lot with a few clicks -

  • Like, Review or Bookmark websites on CybrHome directly from the extension popup
  • Send or share websites with friends
  • Find out more details about the website you’re using
  • Look for similar websites in one click
  • Add the website to CybrHome if its not listed there yet

Introducing the all new CybrHome.

What’s new?
1. Crowd-sourcing: add or edit websites, topics or categories
2. Send and share websites, topics or categories
3. Follow topics and categories
4. Topic and category aliases, settings
5. Social notifications, user dashboard, content and privacy settings, improved design and UI, and much more

Check at

PS: Sign up is optional now, however you should login to unlock all features!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about CybrHome!

CybrHome is a platform for websites where users can search and discover websites. By using CybrHome, one can find out top websites, blogs, apps and more for any given purpose, topic or category.

What makes this different from search engines is we’re organizing the web using topics and categories so that users can browse the platform to discover websites, topics and categories instead of simply searching. …

CybrHome is a place to discover websites.
So, why is CybrHome important? What is the impact it makes?

Personally, I believe that a website can sometimes bring a difference in your life. A website can be much more than a website. Here’s is a personal story about this.

I discovered in October 2014. It is the country’s biggest platform for student entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and creations . I didn’t know about this in my first and second year. …

Shubham Badal

Founder & CEO, CybrHome. An ordinary guy running an extraordinary company. 25 under 25, Science & Technology.

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