From Engineering to Digital Marketing

Back around 6 years ago, I passed my matric class and very next day my father asked or rather ordered me to leave cricket and look forward my career in Engineering. I wanted to play cricket but my father wanted me to become an Engineer so I pursued engineering over cricket. I joined Diploma in computer science branch and this was my first step towards engineering. I successfully completed my Diploma and joined a reputed Engineering college.Since my branch was computer science but i never liked coding hence I was a failed Engineer in eyes of everyone. 
One day I heard about a website that gives you money if you promote their content on social media platforms. My friend and I had pages on Facebook with good number of likes and reach on the pages. So we decided lets start making money in our third year of the college. So we started promoting their content.
Their content included Bollywood and Hollywood stuff,sports,Nature etc.
Since we had a pages with huge amount of likes we were making good money. We both started just concentrating on this work and left our academics behind.
On one fine afternoon we decided why not to take a shortcut and increase our income. So we made a plan that from tonight onward we are going to share the adult stuff continuously. This idea clicked and we increased our income almost doubled to our previous income. But, we were unaware of the fact that this will also have adverse affect on the audience of our page.
As we were continuously being reported by our audience because of the adult stuff we shared. One morning we got up and checked our income stats and what we saw was very disheartening.

A message from Facebook Team

This message was displayed on our Facebook pages. We both were shocked and got panicked. What to do next? Oh god! what has happened.
We left our academics far behind it’s almost impossible to catch up.Now what face are we going to show to our parents?
After 2 months our favorite senior got placed as Digital Marketing Executive. He was from Chemical Engg. branch and gave us advice to make your career in digital marketing. There are lot of videos online go through them. We accepted his advice and started to look forward our career in Digital Marketing.
Fourth Year Or Say Time Of Placements
Since we left our academics way behind we were left unplaced and on one fine day we explained whole situation to our parents. This was very nervous time I faced in my life. How my dad’s going to react? He wanted to see me as a successful engineer. But this time my dad supported me and told me to do what i am comfortable in.
Yes, Now it’s time to build my career. I heard about DMND. Now I got the resource to build my career. My friend first enrolled into DMND. Since my mother got ill i didn’t have money to enroll into this course so I enrolled into second batch.As my friend already completed DMND he advised me to join the course without any hesitation.
Today, he is placed at good salary package and I am completing this course and looking forward to get placed and later own after gaining some experience we both would be starting our own business.