Unlike other design challenges, this one was pretty unique.

To solve the problem, you had to find the problem first 😂

I even made a YouTube video regarding this, check it out 👇

UISources Design Challenge Video Documentation

The challenge was this 👇

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So, it all started with getting my head around the design challenge.

As they say that spend more time in the problem space rather then the solution space. I wanted to do exactly that.

The P.S was kinda open ended and hence, I was not getting the starting point and then I thought to crowdsource the idea and kickstart the journey. …

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This is a “Let it out” letter for my own self which I think is absolutely necessary in the given scenarios.

There are a couple of things I want to talk about which I am going through right now.

The pressure to upskill is for real.

Things for sure are becoming competitive and there is a pressure to constantly learn new things and get better every day. …

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[Update]: This got developed: Check Here


Since, everybody is inside home and it’s so great to see people creating products and like any other thing COVID’19 tracker apps were one of the favourites for makers to make.

So, why I also designed yet another COVID ’19 tracker app?

Couple of reasons for that:

First one being, It is because right now this lockdown is perfect time for people to build new habits and put together some work and show it to the world.

In my friend circle only, people are building chrome extensions, creating content, and learning some new skills. …


Shubham Bhatt

Product Designer | Editor @ uxsprout.com

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