I’m cleaning up my answer from 2015: Shubhamkar Ayare’s answer to What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything? (Wow! Time flies so fast!)

WARNING: If you suspect you suffer from depression, you should NOT continue. This answer presents death in a “favourable view”; therefore, you should NOT read this. I do not claim responsibility for the consequences of reading this article. OTOH, I’d be glad to accrpt altrenative better ways of putting forth the relevant points.


My answer won’t help a depressed person, but I feel it to…

This article is in response to Emmet Boudreau’s article ‘Should We be Using Lisp for Data-Science’.

Below, unless otherwise stated, lisp refers to Common Lisp; in general, lisp refers to the lisp family of languages, just like the C-family of languages. There are functional lisps like Clojure and Scheme, and there are general purpose lisps such as Common Lisp and Racket.

The primary hurdle to using Lisp for Data Science, I believe, is the non-infix syntax common in mathematics.

[Edit: Added note about parentheses balancing wrt paredit, and mentioned slima for atom. A redone note about formatting lisp code. Mention…

Shubhamkar Ayare

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