How Does the Media know Football Transfer Rumours so Quickly?

There is an old saying, “Don’t believe everything you see.” The same applies for reading or hearing a news or rumour as well. Rumours are the life of every media outlet. These do not necessarily mean to cause harm to anyone, but in the world of sports and entertainment, these do serve a great purpose. A majority of the decision made by the club owners, managers, and even coaches, depends upon the rumours circulating in the media. Although nobody will admit to this openly, sometimes, rumours can be helpful in taking a decision of prime importance to those involved in heavy bidding during transfer seasons. Let us take a peek at the ongoing Liverpool football transfer rumours for instance.

Naby Keita-

The international football icon and most talked about midfielder from RB Leipzig, Naby Keita is rumoured to be chased by Liverpool. It is said that the player has his heart set to make a switch to Liverpool in the ongoing transfer window, but the club is not willing to part their ways with Keita yet, fearing an inadequate replacement for him.

Another rumour circulating Keita suggests that the Bundesliga has set a record high bid of £70 million, which would prove quite a high-level transfer to Liverpool and perhaps the highest ever.

Raul Jimenez-

Another rumour buzzing around Liverpool summer transfer involves the Mexican striker Raul Jimenez who the Daily Mirror reports as being chased by two of the biggest English clubs, Liverpool and West Ham.

The player has had a good number of goals under his belt so far and currently plays for the Benfica FC club. Jimenez is rumoured to cost around £19 million, which will not be a bad deal for Liverpool or West Ham for that matter.

Kylian Mbappe & Philippe Coutinho-

Last season, the Monaco wonder kid made quite an impression, which led Liverpool to chase him this summer. The player is reportedly carrying a heavy price, even more than Liverpool can currently afford him. But, if rumours are to be taken at their word, then Mbappe has expressed his desire to join Real Madrid in this summer transfer window, which should not be a problem for Real Madrid at any cost.

Liverpool’s star player Philippe Coutinho is long chased by the Catalan giants, Barcelona. But, with an expensive price tag of £87 million, Liverpool should not let go him. But Barça is said to have signed Marco Veratti and Gerard Deulofeu, both of whom cover Coutinho’s position, so perhaps the rumours failed to be accurate this time.

So, these are the current Liverpool football transfer rumours, collected from various news outlets and football fan websites. What you choose to believe depends on how much you wish your most liked footballers to join your favourite team.

Rumours have the potential to make or break decisions. Media outlets like BlameFootball, for instance, usually borrow news from one another, unless they are like Sky Sports who are invited to Press Releases and other player signing events.

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