4.1 App screen 1 (UI + Back-end integration)

Here we are in the fourth week of development! It is time to code the first screen. There are three primary screens:

Screen list

Besides these, we also have a Sign up/Sign in screen. We chose to build the SELL screen first. GitHub repository can be found at SHELF. Database design can be found here.


ADD BOOK request

Note: Images are sent as base-64 strings which are stored on the server as text/plain files. The following request uploads files, appends their ids to the photos table and the rest of the data along with photo-id to the book table.


A screenshot of Sell screen

We followed complete material design guidelines and integrated AngularJS in our app. We have followed the MVC standards in front end.

Libraries used:

  1. Material Design Lite
  2. MaterializeCSS
  3. Material Icons
  4. Font Awesome Icons
  5. Complete AngularJS framework
  6. JQuery

Link to the web-app is this.