I am a shitty writer..

I don’t know how to pour all these emotions of mine into words that justify every ounce of feeling with the same depth. You see I am not a literary person. I am just a college student mastering in Computer Science. But I love all the witty and philosophical articles and books. I wish one day I could write with the same level of details and embellish each of my sentences as the writers do. It’s a tough job you see, writing. Making each and every word go in the direction you want to and not losing the main topic till the end while writing pages and pages with every paragraph to offer something new and exciting, tough job.

My thoughts are stars I can not fathom into constellations.
-john Green

Although I literally suck at writing, I love it. It’s like meditation. When I write and try to get all the words in place and with this huge river of emotion flowing inside me, it just feels good. Sometimes (most of the times to be honest) I can not find a suitable word to describe what I actually want to say. I think and I think that maybe I will remember something that fits perfectly but then no luck. At that time it feels like if only I can truly write my emotions on this white piece of paper that does not need the support of words, Oh! if only. I am learning, daily. I read articles on different websites, I have developed a habit of writing diary, daily before I go to bed, I write code and learn new programming languages, hit the gym at 6, greet the lady who comes daily for the daffodils in morning. Life is good. I wish you are learning something new daily too, greet someone with a broad smile on your face, and be grateful.

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