Intern at Zippr, Hyderabad

I’m an iOS Developer and this small article speaks about my experience as an intern at Zippr, Hyderabad.
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It was December of 2015 and I was at Hyderabad for vacations with my parents. They had recently shifted to this place and this was my first time in the city. One night we were having a walk after dinner and I spotted some orange boards right outside my apartment building. (A similar board image is shown below)

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It had a code on it and a link to an app. I downloaded the app and did a bit more research just to know how useful the service was. It was the Zippr App and what it does is it allows users to create a 8 character code for their current address which is accurate even upto your flat number. I thought for a moment that why didn’t I know about this. It has been so difficult to explain the new address to people and I could’ve just told them this code!

My college started January 2016 and I was told that we need to do a technical internship at a recognised place for a grade. That was the end of it. I thought how many companies will need an iOS Intern. I approached many companies and all they wanted was for me to work full time which wasn’t possible since I was in my 6th Semester of college. Then one fine day I was looking out for the top startups in Hyderabad and I saw Zippr’s name in every post. That was the moment when it struck me that it is the perfect combination of what I need

For me


Zippr was indeed fulfilling all these requirements. I quickly contacted them over mail and 2 interview calls later I got the internship! 🙌🏻


My internship duration was JUNE-JULY 2016. I won’t be discussing the technical details about my internship as I’m not allowed to do so. What I can tell is I was supposed to test a new framework and conclude whether its mature enough to be deployed with the current software.

On the first day of my internship, I was assigned a mentor/friend. Well he was more of a friend who helped me 😬. He was a member of the mobile development team and had a lot of knowledge regarding the same. He guided me with the initials of every task and presented me with challenges which made the tasks even more interesting. I was made to sit with the actual development team. That meant that I could see how they work. It was quite exciting to see how different teams collaborated on a single function. The backend team, the UI/UX team, the web team, the mobile team and even the business and marketing teams all worked in a sync to bring the most perfect product.

What it meant for me was that it wasn’t just another app but it was a well thought and developed product which are rare to find in todays contemporary world. I used to talk to people from different teams and they even gave me insight into what their work was and how they do it. One of the best practices I liked about Zippr was the monthly meetings where the representative of each team gives current status of their work. Even we as interns were supposed to give presentations in such meetings and everyone was very helpful to give us advice to improve upon our assigned tasks.

Overall I’d say that working as an intern at Zippr was one of the best technical experiences of my life. I had great fun during the 🍕 lunch parties and evening ☕️ talks. Apart from that I’d like to formally thank the people at Zippr to give me the opportunity to work with them on a product that sure will change the way we convey our address.

Thank You..


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