MQTT — Use Cases

#revolution in M2M (machine to machine)communication,an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport for every kind of device.


  • Monitoring cardiac patients after they leave the hospital in real time,may be a wearable device (smartwatch) could be used to send messages to concerned doctors assigned to patient,improving the efficiency of later check-ups,using vital information about patients heart rate etc.A physician can examine a patient in a distant city and see real-time health status information,such as blood pressure,heart rate and so on.
  • Predicting upcoming electricity consumption needs, by tracking daily electricity units burned from various regions and using that information.
  • Reducing latency problems when sending messages over social networks.
  • POS solutions that send sales information and receive price updates over slow networks
  • Preventive maintenance of automobiles by means of automated collection of real time diagnostic information from critical vehicle components.
  • Environmental monitoring,such as through the use of remote sensors along sensitive areas such as riverbanks
  • Healthcare safety solutions that rely on immediate analysis of real-time data that is collected from patients in various locations.
  • Real time analysis on data received from oil-rig,vehicles,sensors,retails,energy monitoring equipment,smartphones,medical.
  • A homeowner uses smart metering to obtain a more accurate view of how each household appliance consumes electricity and to make changes.
  • A utility company remotely monitors water heaters in customers’ homes and turns off the water heaters at times when they are not typically used.
  • A shipping company gains customer loyalty by providing up-to-the-moment, detailed tracking information for cargo.
  • A trucking company cuts costs using remote fleet monitoring, which enables more efficient use of each truck’s capacity on every run.
  • A bank retains more customers by monitoring all account-closing inquiries and having a manager call customers who are thinking of leaving.
  • An insurance company sends claims adjusters to collect damage reports at disaster sites and collects the data in its central servers.
  • A gas company improves pipeline monitoring by tripling the number of remote control devices along the route from 4,000 to 12,000.
  • A government agency improves its early-warning system by placing remote sensors on dams and elsewhere in flood-prone regions.
  • A manufacturing company automates inventory checking to improve management of stock and to optimise production rates.
  • An automobile company uses RFID tracking to obtain up-to-the-minute details about the current stage of assembly of each new vehicle as it moves through the assembly line.
  • An energy company can monitor oil or gas pipelines that are hundreds of miles long and remotely cut off the flow if problems are detected.
  • A homeowner can view his house on a web page, complete with the status of interior devices such as the security alarm, heating system, and more.

PS: IBM took a giant step in promoting MQTT,and a vision for a smarter planet by setting up the foundation with amazing product line-up for IOT.


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