10 Must-Have Nail paints for women:

Whether you’re heading to holiday dinner, a family affair, your office or brunch with the best, fashion-forward nails are a must. Embrace style with these ten amazing nail colors.


This is the safest color in my opinion. When you are confused what to wear on your nails, just go for this one!. When you want something neutral, but aren’t into the skin-colored nail look, a coating of sheer nude will give you the perfect look. Its feminine feel exudes elegance and doesn’t look too pink.

2. Golden

Party tonight? And you want to look flashy yet sophisticated? Have a subdued gold colour nail polish to sparkle all night. Nothing makes you feel as glamorous and luxe than the brilliant shine of gold.


White nails are on trend in a huge way right now. Worn in a squoval shape, pair your white nails with any print.You want to pick one that has this magic combination: It’s opaque (not sheer), stark white (not yellow or blue), creamy (not chalky), and smooth (not streaky).


Red nail polish is a perennial beauty classic — there’s nobody that a slick of bold, bright, high-gloss scarlet doesn’t suit. The ClaSSSic RRRed goes with everything, suits any nail shape and makes you look much more classy. My personal favourite is scarlet.


Out of all the colors, I think men find yellow most attractive on women. You’ll get a hell lot of compliments wearing this nail color. This summery hue is surprisingly apt for any skin tone and works wonders to brighten up any outfit (and your day as well). If you think you can’t pull off a brilliant bright yellow shade, think again!


Silver is striking; catch co-workers off-guard with this bold-but-bright shade. This colour resonates with metallic accessories. My suggestion is to stick to a subtle shade like a glistening silver which would even offset a monochromatic outfit.


Even if you’re not typically the girly type, sometimes the mood just strikes for a pretty pink. Keep one in your lacquer arsenal for when you’re feeling ultra-fem. We women still swoon over this cheerful hue!


I remember using Glitter nail paint in college for the first time and getting noticed because it’s absolutely mesmerising. Whether it’s Halloween, your birthday or just when the mood strikes, sometimes an eye-catching glitter is required. This glittermazing shade will do the trick.


Grey + beige nail or greige nail color is very modern and goes with anything you wear. Essential for when you want your nails to be the supporting player, not the focus. A greige or taupe works to adapt to any skin tone and complements any outfit occasion.

10. (Not so) BASIC BLACK

Bring couture to your fingertips with black lacquer. Whether it’s a glossy black or a matt finish black, it is a must for any girl whose wardrobe consists of black and who loves black. Hey, I’m one of them! It’s hard to go wrong with it, and on your tips; it’s more neutral than your neutral shades.

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