Javascript Array.from(), fullfilling that Empty Jar

Would you like to create an iterable object just by knowing the limit? if yes, this blog is for you.

SO , i am not gonna use more words and directly jump into the problem and how this helped me to solve it.

Problem — To render multiple dom nodes on the basis of a count variable where the count is a number variable.

Solution — Well you can loop through with count number of times and generate that many nodes.

for(var i=0;i<count;i++){
document.write('Item: ' + (i+1) + ' of ' + count+ '<br/>');

well there is nothing wrong with this solution , this will work perfectly fine. But personally i don’t like the for word in my code much and if i avoid it as much as possible.

Array.from() for rescue :)

Array.from will create an array like object for iteration.So how does it solve the problem.

well i have to say in one line.

Array.from({length:20},(v,i)=> {return i});

If you wanna look more deeper into the method mozilla doc is best place for you.

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