Why India need more of elon musk and less of bansals and shah.

Day by day a lot of startup’s are emerging in india, India is on verge to become next IT hub, startup vally.

But really is this the reality or we in edge of bubble burst. Most of the startup’s in India just blowing out the VC money, they don’t care about user experience, not about the quality of stuff and the most agonizing thing is that they are not really trying to solve any real problem.

India surely got some brightest talent’s across the globe, but what we are lacking is solutions of real time problems. All we got bunch of techies working hard to sell stuff online and other techies working on to create replica of some other successful company. Flipkart, snapdeal, ola all are a known name now with high valuation but no profit. Though there is some silver lining in the form of startup’s like Practo and inmobi. Practo is trying to help people not to be bewilder when they move to new cities and fall sick and lot more than that.

But the real agenda here is that no one thinking about the real time issues what real people are facing right now, Genius like Elon musk just not helped people but they are contributing for a better future, they are trying to create stuff which help real people in real time, i mean people can go and buy stuff they don’t need door to door delivery every time at least not in india there are shops in every next corner. But we need a electric car, a solution for pollution and global warming, a solution for this traffic, water issues. But all our startups worry about delivery everything online from pin to car.

so, yeah we recently got many multimillionaires by copying the exact successful business model and being famous about it and telling everyone that how they are helping to make this world a better place bullshit but all i am hoping for a Elon musk rather than another bansal.