Blue Sapphire (Neelam) for Healing Therapy

Blue sapphire or neelam is the stone of Saturn that is worn to protect from evil ramifications of Saturn.

Saturn, a difficult task get better at is either benefic or malefic. Additionally it is controller of endurance. It really is a secretive globe and is also called planet of restrictions, limitations and of seperative aspect. If good in one’s horoscope then your native will be cautious, strong, deep, austere, laborious, and envious. Benefic Saturn can make indigenous disciplined and he’ll have mental and moral courage, foresight and can have a higher order thinker. One will have good instinctive electric power. A person having benefic Saturn will exercise prudence in expenses against income. he’ll be reserved, correct, persistent, mindful, provident, industrious and accountable.

Alternatively if Saturn is negative or malefic the other could be deceitful, melancholic, avarious, sluggish, lethargic and skeptical. He’ll suffer obstructions, hindrance in his efforts in every his endeavors. He’ll become diffident, distrustful, pessimistic, unreliable and may show patience of depressive disorder. He might have wicked friends too.

Together with other planets like sunlight one can put up with loss of vitality, variations in marriage, loss of fund, loss in power and disfavor from administration and officers. He’ll remain unsettled job and face many pros and cons in his life.

Saturn if malefic can cause problems in tooth, bones, feet, legs, ribs, hairs, toenails and secretive system. Diseases distributed by Saturn are usually serious like paralyses, gout symptoms, insanity, rheumatism, use, bronchitis etc.

Advantages of wearing on Neelam

Neelam in combo of other stones helps to get rid of and battle bone cancers, kidney trouble, nerve disease and paralysis.

Such a natural stone provides the wearer prosperity, popularity, a good name, health, delight, prosperity, an extended life, mental tranquility, and good children. Putting on a blue sapphire defends against risk, travel problems, terror, thieves, damages and problems from storms, open fire, or natural disasters. It could cause financial fortunes to improve for the better, assist with a person’s profession, and make the wearer abundant. It could free one of mental anxiousness.

It can help make one detached, and defends against envy. It could be worn once and for all luck and then for protection against wicked spirits. Since Saturn tips the anxious system, blue sapphires help problems of the nerves-tension and neuroses-diseases triggered by an afflicted Saturn. Because Saturn is the slowest moving globe, it will cause serious disease.

Professions that are benefited from neelam or blue sapphire

People who are surgeons, mechanical technical engineers, machinists, astrologers, doctors, electro-mechanical appliance creators, metallurgists, scientists, authors, prison warden, troops and archaeologists may take good benefits after using neelam.

Even people in field of dance, cinematography, drama, martial arts, action and course will definitely reap the benefits of neelam.

People running a business of export and transfer, transport, vehicles, creation of vitamins, textiles business, free parts, petroleum and gas will have substantive upsurge in their particular business.

Using neelam can make indigenous a great industrialists and politics leader.

Blue sapphire or neelam in several rashis.

It is suggested that this natural stone should be worn only under rigorous advise of expert astrologer normally it can verify harmful.

A word of caution

A sapphire, especially a blue one, should first be worn only after trial. A good perfect sapphire may also be unlucky and can cause trouble to an individual. To check a blue sapphire you can wear the jewel covered in a blue material destined around one’s arm for weekly. You can also stick it under his cushion for three evenings. When there is any bad impact, the sapphire should be declined.

Blue sapphires are touchy gems; even though they are worn by the correct people, they may bring negative effects sometimes. It is because some gemstones are unlucky. Therefore, blue sapphire should be worn for a trial period to see if the particular stone you have purchased can do harm.

How to wear blue Sapphire stone

It ought to be studded in silver or iron in the centre finger of right palm on Saturday, soon after the looks of personalities. Its weight should be firmly in line with the advise of expert astrologer. Neelam is not worn by itself. It is vital to wear a couple of gems to be able to obtain good ramifications of neelam. Only folks who are Capricorns and Aquarius can wear neelam only while others not. again quality of neelam issues a lot which is encouraged to wear only good quality neelam or blue sapphire. Wear only Inder Neel neelam, an excellent of neelam royal blue from outside the house and white or clear from middle.

The gem shouldn’t be worn if Saturn is debilitated in the labor and birth graph. Blue sapphires can be worn during an eclipse.

Which stone to buy

When a blue sapphire is usually to be used astrologically, it will not need been heat-treated but should be natural. The gem’s astrological strength is reduced when cured with heating, often to the idea of rendering it useless. Darker stones will not have a good result astrologically.

A blue sapphire appears best when looked at in strong natural light or under a solid fluorescent light.

Cornflower-colored sapphires are the most effective. Blue sapphires without defects, with evenly allocated color, that are well-cut and outstanding, will be the best. Astrologically, blue sapphires and rubies have the same result, however the value of any blue sapphire is approximately one fourth the worthiness of the same quality ruby.

An excellent sapphire is amazing, radiant, and clear. Its rays should disseminate from within, and it will not indicate any color apart from its own.

Avoid flawed sapphires

A cracked jewel may attract damages. A natural stone with despair could cause ulcers or comes. A milky stone could cause poverty. When a stone is two-colored, there could be trouble from an opponent. If it’s flat or opaque, it could cause family problems. If it’s proclaimed with white lines, it could cause vision troubles. If it has red dots, it can cause poverty.

Metal to use for blue sapphire

Those that choose to wear blue sapphires should choose stones that are in least two carats-and ultimately at least five carats. Such stones should be occur rings manufactured from steel (iron), and when necessary, ashta dhatu, an alloy of eight metals, that happen to be gold, gold, copper, tin, zinc, mercury, business lead and flat iron. They can be set in wedding rings of silver and gold. The correct rituals should be performed to set up the jewel. The wedding ring should be worn on the center of the right side on a Sunday.

From where sapphires result from

Sapphires are mined mainly in Australia, Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia. Among the better sapphires result from Sri Lanka. Australian sapphires are deep blue to practically dark-colored. Montana, USA, has metallic blue sapphires to obtain maximum impact, the gemstone chosen should be of good quality. The better the gem’s quality, the better its impact. The less valuable the jewel, the bigger the stone ought to be to have the entire effect.