The Character Role Of Julia Winston — CSI:MIAMI

Hello, viewers! How is your time going? I hope you are all well. So how would you enjoy CSI: Miami season 6? Definitely, it’s an interesting one. Today I will talk about the character Julia Winston in this season.

Julia Winston was formerly known as a Kyle Harmon’s mother also the ex-girlfriend of Horatio is doing the investigation of her current Husband whose name is Bill Winston in the season six of the serial CSI: Miami. She is doing great in this serial. Acted brilliantly and won millions of heart. While she is doing the investigation on her husband’s murder, his killer Rob Mason is revealed to be a conman. It was revealed that the leading character Julia had her assistant Pamela supposed to give 1 million dollar gift to leave Miami to prevent her son going back to jail. That happens for Kathleen to be kidnapped and trapped badly into her car which had been pushed into the deep lake. When the scenario is discovered that her psychotic ex-lover, Ron Saris is the main culprit to kill and down her, Horatio requested to Julia to bring him in and go for further details.

Instead of all this circumstance she called the Brazilian police and has Horatio arrested and extracted to Brazil for the murder of Antonio Razz. Julia had Horatio extradited to Brazil to try and save him from Ron, thinking that he would have a better chance there.

The main interesting part is that Julia and Ron had just gotten married, which deeply upset Horatio. That provides an alibi for Ron, but later shocking news was that they divorced on the same day.

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