Alla Prima Again

I have been attending Felicia Forte’s alla prima class lately. I started with drawing from life and then moved onto painting. My first portrait sketch was fun:

Drwaing 1

Here’s another try from a different angle:

Alla Prima Drawings

Then i tried it on my sister :D

This month i started with color stage. We use Zorn Palette. A Zorn palette is a limited palette with just 4 colors: Ivory Black, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White. I am still getting use to the palette and am finding trouble creating the right skin color for mid-tones and highlights and everything else that comes with it ☹

Alla Prima painting

With my limited knowledge on the colors i can produce with these 4 colors, I started an experiment based on Richard Schmid book “Everything I know about painting”. I am creating a color palette with the 4 colors.

I started with the 3 colors – Cad Red, Yellow Ochre and Ivory Black and put my first tile from left in Yellow ochre. The next one was a mix of Yellow Ochre + Cad Red (2:1) and the next was the same in 1:1 ratio and the next one 1:2. I messed up the last column towards the end where i had to add yellow with Red. I added Black instead. I am going to cut off the first half of the palette ☺ Now i think i should have started with just 1:1 ratios. Anyhow, good learning ☺

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