Who is reading Social posts, real people or Bots?

Last month, I tried to promote my company by using Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn but I felt like the Social networks is reflecting a dead space of Internet users.

On Facebook!

The most weird social media is the Facebook Page. I don’t know why I have to pass to a business account to set the page of my company and then I have to pay Facebook to share my Facebook Page! 
But, People on Facebook don’t react normally. No Like, No mentions only a number of peoples how has reached the post! and the number of Likes is updating. The weird thing is that Facebook notify me that there are some views!

On Twitter!

I have a bad feeling that people don’t read tweets there are millions of bots that add you to a list or fav your tweet if you have a tweeted a #javascript #JS or something like that.

So I created a Bot (yes I did it) and I retweeted every tweet by a collection of hashtags. After two weeks, I did stop the bot and I didn’t see any reaction of real people with my contents only promotions and Ad’s Bots.
The Questions is: Is there a real people reading my tweets? Is there people who really visite you Facebook page? What the hell is going on?

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