As every good thing comes to an end, the summer vacations have ended and so did the journey of GSoC. GSoC helped me to spend my summers in a productive way.

I have almost completed project with a few remaining fixes and tests. One major problem faced recently was that many people use phpMyAdmin in /var/www/ folder which needs root access thus it doesn’t directly allows theme generator to create files without giving adequate permissions to the theme folder . So for now we have made a notification indicating the users to correct user permissions before proceeding. Another idea was…

As the second evaluations are starting from 9th July, I would explain all the work I’ve done between first and second evaluation. The first task I did was to create a feature so that the contrast ratio between the text colour and background colour is good enough. Detailed explanation about it is present in the previous post. The next work was to create Preview Panels and integrating them with the theme generator. Initially the plan was to create sample panels for every decided element, but I had to change the plan and decided to create preview panels for only Table…

As my sixth week of GSoC with phpMyAdmin has come to an end, I going to explain the problems faced and how I tackled them. The biggest problem I faced was calculating text colours with contrast ratio greater than 4.5 , while keeping in mind the colour scheme used. First I tried to use mix-blend-mode but it didn’t work out because I would have to add a span class for every text, which wasn’t feasible. So I created a new function which takes the background colour and compares with the calculated colour . If the contrast ratio is less than 4.5 it tweaks saturation and brightness till the required contrast ratio is achieved. This colour is achieved with a maximum iteration of 10. Now I have started creating Preview panels and would complete it this week, hopefully.

It’s my third week of GSoC and I’ve been working on automatically creating CSS files for automated theme generator. While creating different background colours some text colours were more visible than others. After some search I came to know it’s being caused by contrast ratio .

The following image has a contrast ratio of 1.07 so it’s hard to read.

Greater ratio means greater visibility a minimum ratio of 4.5:1 is required because it compensates for the loss in contrast sensitivity usually experienced by users with vision loss and ratios greater than 7:1 is great for users with colour blindness or low visibility. So as I am coming to an end for creating Automated colour backgrounds, I’ll focus on keeping texts with high contrast ratio and also work on creating test cases.

I’ve completed my second week of GSoC and the main task for this week was to create a form which could send palette data to the back-end to create CSS files which would be used in t he new theme. The main problem was that palette data was in HTML and was being generated dynamically by using javascript.

So I solved this problem by adding hidden input in the form when Submit button is pressed and send that using AJAX. Now my main focus is to assign different colours of colour palette to various elements.

It’s been a week since I’ve been working on my Google Summer of Code project with phpMyAdmin and my work for this week was to create a separate page for the tool and add/remove functions in a preexisting colour picker tool. The existing tool was creating some palettes but they were not using colour theory to create palettes usable that could be used directly on websites. I have been focusing on four types four types of colour palettes, Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous and Triadic.

The most difficulties were faced in Monochromatic and Analogous, in the monochromatic theme the main thing was…

I am very happy to announce that I’ll be working with phpMyAdmin this summer on the project ‘Automated Theme Generator Tool’. Currently there are pre-generated themes that can be manually installed and used. The idea is to create a tool that automates and makes easier the task of creating themes. Themes created from the Theme Generator tool would be less prone to bugs in the long run and could cater to each individuals needs. For the automated themes to look good to the eye, I’ll be using the concepts of Colour Theory.

The major goal of this project is to…

Saksham Gupta

Student at International Institute of Technology, Hyderabad | Tech Enthusiast

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