GSoC work report before 2nd evaluation

As the second evaluations are starting from 9th July, I would explain all the work I’ve done between first and second evaluation. The first task I did was to create a feature so that the contrast ratio between the text colour and background colour is good enough. Detailed explanation about it is present in the previous post. The next work was to create Preview Panels and integrating them with the theme generator. Initially the plan was to create sample panels for every decided element, but I had to change the plan and decided to create preview panels for only Table and Group element. Every other style is applied on the already present elements (navigation panel, background, headers etc.). The two main reasons for it were

  1. To prevent unnecessary clutter.
  2. The already present elements were interfering with the sample elements, thus becoming a tedious and unnecessary job.

I’ve also written some documentation and will be writing some tests in a day or two.