How I am creating automated colour palettes using Colour Theory

It’s been a week since I’ve been working on my Google Summer of Code project with phpMyAdmin and my work for this week was to create a separate page for the tool and add/remove functions in a preexisting colour picker tool. The existing tool was creating some palettes but they were not using colour theory to create palettes usable that could be used directly on websites. I have been focusing on four types four types of colour palettes, Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous and Triadic.

The most difficulties were faced in Monochromatic and Analogous, in the monochromatic theme the main thing was how the palette should be managed if the hue value remains same and saturation and brightness changes of the base colour. I solved it by taking a range of saturation and brightness keeping the average of them equal to that of base colour. Also the values of saturation and brightness were in opposite orders for further contrast. In Analogous theme the problem was how further should the hue difference be set from base colour for optimal colours , I was quite satisfied with 45 degrees in the end. So in the end of this week I have completed all the colour palettes, the next step would be to start integrating the colour picker tool with back end.