Wrapping up GSoC ’18 with phpMyAdmin

As every good thing comes to an end, the summer vacations have ended and so did the journey of GSoC. GSoC helped me to spend my summers in a productive way.

I have almost completed project with a few remaining fixes and tests. One major problem faced recently was that many people use phpMyAdmin in /var/www/ folder which needs root access thus it doesn’t directly allows theme generator to create files without giving adequate permissions to the theme folder . So for now we have made a notification indicating the users to correct user permissions before proceeding. Another idea was to create downloadable files so that the user could manually add the custom theme to the theme folder. But this was quite a big task in itself, thus it’s been left as a later project.

After GSoC

The code hasn’t been merged yet as it still needs to be reviewed. As per the reviews of the users we could then improve the UI as for now we haven’t thought about UI much.