One can’t understate the importance of MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises)in Indonesia. Here are some fascinating statistics. There are more than 60 million* of these businesses in existence, who contribute to more than 61%* of the country’s GDP and contribute to more than 90% of employment. And 42.85% of these are run by women! Mind blown.

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Walking the streets in the country, one experiences the colour, dynamics and even economics of these small businesses, warungs and tokos. They play a pivotal role in addressing employment, poverty and entrepreneurship.

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Platform or sharing economy services commonly used by many Indonesians across the country are those that offer micro-entrepreneurship opportunities. …

I’d like to think I “disrupted” my life trajectory last year when I left my corporate life after 2 decades to take a “breather”.

Gosh, what a journey it has been! Over coffees and meet-ups, I engaged with people, start-ups and organizations. I wanted to talk to people, understand first-hand why small organizations move fast, where the innovation is happening, and learn technologies like A.I. and Blockchain, each which is going to transform businesses and lives so quickly.

Nothing like trying to create something out of nothing (well, a concept), channel some start-up innovative energies myself.

So I co-created Festival of Disruptors with a couple of partners, to explore the innovation mindset, in hoping to spark conversations and collaborations in the process. …


Shu Fen Lin

Nothing is impossible. I do nothing everyday. - Pooh

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