missing appointments

Last night, I tutored two kids. Had my brown interview. Ate dinner, did dishes. Had a fall out with my father. Tried to work on tutortime then I just crashed.

I didn’t make any sort of plans or confirmations for weekend so, so far I have missed two appointment: a bike ride to shoreline and a CS study session, I feel kinda awful but I am currently sitting at hackerdojo attending a female in tech hackathon. Going to take this time to really plan out my weekend and put it on to here.

So I think I’m going to put everything I need to do, sorta like VGOs onto my planner but make a separate schedule for how I’m actually spending my time. Because right now, I have a lot of dead time, just checking and browsing because the time gap (15min) is simply too little to do anything but 4*15min turns into one hour and so forth. Times always adds on…

I’m trying to figure out how to set up my schedule in the most beautiful way. Okay I really do not like spreadsheet. It’s just too regid.

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