more thoughts about the gap year

So my gap year just got approved. I am screaming internally. I can now take full ownership of my year and do what I want. No more excuses of school work or homework taking up all my time so I cannot actualize my dreams. This is the time to live out all of my dreams.

At first hearing, my father started fuming. Just a little. Because he’s scared and worried that I don’t have a solid plan still. I ask him if I can pursue multiple projects, he says no. Show me that you can do even one right now.

I was in conversation with my father because having his support in this issue is very important. He has made it super clear. He wants to see my clearly working productively and meaningfully.

I’ve asked him so you mean

I can be a cactus farmer and sell plants and flowers and you wouldn’t care?

I can open a casino and operate it in las vegas?

I can open a restaurant or even a boba milk tea shop?

I can do private tutoring and run educational initiatives for the students?

I can dance and just become a fitness personal trainer.

He said he doesn’t care. He said even if I am not hitting my financial independence mark but he sees that I am working very very hard everyday, he will not care.

And we’ve been talking about what it means to be an adult. It means to be financially independent, to maintain good relationships with the people and community around you, to support and keep in contact with your family, to have both a healthy and positive mind and body.

And I’ve been thinking about what I truly want from this year. I said a year of pursuing my own goals and dreams without restraint.

Yet, let us consider what it means to truly become independent. It means taking care of yourself.

It means that you are able to provide for what you need before you start doing what you want.

I am lucky enough to say that I still have the support of my family to be a safety blanket, to provide me with shelter, so I can focus on building my business.

In a realistic situation, say I was just thrown out of my home into the real world without a single penny. What would I resort to? I need food, water, clothes and warmth. I need shelter. I need money PRONTO. And that leads me to working at some sort of minimum-wage job, and perhaps with that taking up all of my time, I become stuck in the poverty cycle.

This is why parents work so hard to provide us with the best education from silicon valley. To push us to go the best universities. So that we can start post college with 6 figure paying jobs.

So now, with my gap year I need to add finance as a metric.

So right now, here are my questions

  • what are my strengths and weaknesses
  • how can I best be utilizing my time
  • how can I best produce output
  • what are the questions I can ask myself in order to keep on track

So I have a few caveats.

Number 1. I cannot be working for others for the sole sake of working for others. That means a part time job (in which I am employed by a corporation or working) just for the sake of paying rent/bills. That will defeat the purpose of my gap year.

I must walk in with a vision. That does not mean working for others is bad, it simply means it needs to be strategic and meaningful.

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