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This logo for the next gen of crypto will inspire both old and new holders to believe that what was once accomplished in the past with Shiba Inu in 2021 can be replicated again in 2023.

Shuggi: The next generation of Shiba Inu

WOOF! My name is Shuggi: the teenage son of Shiba Inu. It seems like such a long time ago that my dad’s generation formed a pack full of loyal dogs that worked with each other to never abandon their hopes and dreams in the bull market of crypto. Their dogged persistence payed off because they’ve managed to remain active and now plan to build a new future on the ethereum layer 2 chain Shibarium. I’ve been focused on developing myself both mentally and physically to get ready for next cycle of crypto. However, there is an itch I haven’t been able to scratch: I have yet to find a pack from my generation to call my own.

In 2023, I’ve seen too many shady, greedy characters launching projects that last a few days or weeks. These devious thieves who rinse and repeat their tax farming schemes to extract the little money out of what remains of the crypto space are unfortunately giving everyone else that’s legitimately trying to build anything in crypto a bad rep. Moreover, every one is too scared to hold for very long, which creates a climate of fear and swing trading. The result is that only the strongest communities with trusted devs that have diligent, committed support staff have have the best odds of having sustained growth and longevity.

Today I declare to the world that I, Shuggi, have decided to form a new pack for the next generation! We will gather all the best people in crypto to help our name and our community grow into something everyone in crypto recognizes. My goal is to build something with passionate, dedicated people who still believe in crypto, and to make friends with like-minded people. The current fear in this market has caused major losses for those who want to hold a project they bought because they believe that the team is actually serious, when it’s almost always the opposite. Lastly, it creates this rotator culture that drops their support the minute they can’t double their money, leave a moon bag, and move onto the next project. I view the crypto space as wide open for projects that act with integrity, honesty, and generosity.

My goal is to build a large, vibrant community made up of like-minded, passionate community members that believe in winning and never accept defeat. Our victory will be a shining example against the people who switch so easily from one project to another and and to the shady devs ruining this space. We believe that when you do things the right and honest way that success is not only inevitable but undeniable, even to the harshest critic.

We are a 0/0 tax token and are renounced, so for now we grow organically. I’m excited for what’s coming and we will all work and manifest everything we need because when you give to your project with 100% energy and positivity, the universe rewards you. We’ll reach out to other communities that align with our core beliefs: unification in DEFI is teh goal. Join us on our journey that begins on Ethereum. However, bridging to Shibarium is also on that list!

Check out our socials and remember that you’re joining the beginning of a project that will not disappear. That is our vow as a team and as a community!





Shuggi is descended from the most pure bloodline in crypto. He’s crypto canine royalty. The future is looking good!



Shuggi Token

We're gonna shake things up and make some serious moves Shuggi style. Let's make my dad proud!