Rites of Immortal

The human obsession for immortality is long narrative throughout century. This is what has drives human to be what they are. This idea of immortality comes into human minds at least in the type of survivability.

The common idea of immortality is by the inception of what we called generations. Progeny is thus being regards as continuation of the essence of life. This is why sexual activity is considered important as it’s highly related to the immortality of being.

The fertility of being is something important, and somehow, shaped the social structure in history. The history has told us how fertility can affect the individual prestige, later will be highly respected in lieu of another. This might be why Abraham asked God to give him “bigger family and blessed generation”, in which he got it, and later being called as “the father of all prophets”.

This fertility idea vis-à-vis male dominance, shaped the social reality of male prestige as the sole continuation in the tribal society. Women, as subject of oppression, are being less than man as they cannot bearing their family names to immortalize the existence of their predecessors. No wonder in some tribal society, they would rather kill their daughter to preserve their dignity. This continues to the nation states in form of monarch and noble blood.

This idea of immortality by progeny comes when human realize that they, at some point, will eventually facing death, and nothing can stop them from it. The struggle to escape death is something that we do intuitively, even though we never truly realize of it in daily life. This create the paradox, in one hand human recognized that they will dead, but in other hand, they always tend to forget about it and continue to assume that death will not come to them today, or tomorrow, or this year, or this decade.

Strange it is to recognize two opposing views, death and life, in one being. But, this denial of death may gives human hope to continue their life objectively. By assuming they will live, they can plan everything to fulfill their desire or their ideals. And this thus bring us to the second type of immortality, the immortality by idea.

Instead of lone clinging to the primitive idea of immortality by progeny, some creative human beings upgrade this notion of immortality into what contributions that they have done. This contribution does not mean only in physical aspect; in fact, this is mostly in realm of ideas, which shape the world throughout history.

Remember this one?

Some of the notable (wo)men done this by implementation, others by rigorous writings based on their extraordinary intellectual capacities. Most of this ideas survive by writings or arts. They surely faced death, but their ideas remain.

So, what will be the third (or next) idea of immortality? Please do share your idea!

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