To Our Creators: Revfluence is now AspireIQ

Shuhan Bao
Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Using technology to support the true value of creators

I am excited to share that we have officially rebranded from Revfluence to AspireIQ.

We’ve seen that over the past few years, the most successful collaborations between brands and creators happen when both sides understand the value of both the content and influence. In trying to empower a new creative class, we felt we needed a more complete name to convey what we’re building. Influencers today are creating huge value for brands, often being the primary source of both content and reach. AspireIQ is a name that captures both this creative element, and the data to truly understand the broad impact that influencers have today.

Why do we need this change today?

Creators today are more important than ever. Not only do they have a hugely engaged following, but they are also the pre-eminent storytellers of our generation. Many top brands today rely on influencers and creators to produce the visual content that powers much of their brand.

This is an incredibly valuable piece of the puzzle that is no longer served by viewing influencer marketing in the traditional sense. Today, brands often pay creators based primarily on a combination of likes and followers. We think this system hurts the creative community because:

  1. It places incredible stress on creatives to focus on engagement. This hurts creators because engagement is dependent on things like Instagram’s choice of algorithm, or participation in engagement pods, rather than on the quality of your content.
  2. It undervalues the power that visual content has to build the brand. Today, a brand may work with you to reach 5,000 followers on your own account, but may use that content to reach thousands more across their own social or paid ads. By showing both sides the value of this content, you can share in that value.

How can we solve this?

At AspireIQ, we understand the value of influencers. Now, we must help brands to see the value as they’re the ones putting up their budgets. To make progress, it’s important to understand that marketing today is highly experimental.

Brands no longer commission a single expensive photoshoot once a year for a full-page splash in Vogue magazine. Instead, brands are creating thousands of pieces of creative content to use across hundreds of channels, like Instagram ads and email. Because where content is finally used is so flexible and diverse, it’s hard for both brands and creators to really understand the value of the content that’s being produced.

Why AspireIQ?

We chose the name AspireIQ because it is two parts — we’re a community dedicated to creativity, and we’re also a technology tool using data to intelligently support that community. Our mission at AspireIQ is to use technology to bring transparency and organization to influencer marketing by showing both sides the true value of content.

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out new features like more sophisticated licensing terms of content, and dashboards that track your content as it’s being used across the web. Five years ago we started out with a mission to our creators: to help them get rewarded for creating great content. We look forward to continuing that journey with you in the future.

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