A Letter for Job Applicants.

Some people will always said that“They can’t find their own dream”, “They can’t find something they want to do”.

If I would like to make a list on “what I would like to learn” and “what I would like to have”. I think it would be a huge list.

“I would like to travel overseas”.

“I would like to have the car that I always wanted”.

“I would like to improve my English”.

“I would like to have a pretty girlfriend”.

“I would like to improve my ability on handling customers”.

“I would like to work on poster or advertising designing”.

Those thoughts may just come up in a sudden, however those are more than enough for you to be success.

When we talked about the ideal philosophy, most of us would come up with the ideas of “I would like to change the world”, “I would like to reduce the criminal rate” or “I would like to save the environment”. However, in my point of view, it’s fine to be nobody.

Sometimes you are just happened to join a company with the goal of “Being the representative of Japan”, but actually you don’t really have to force yourself to be a manager or to make it your dream. Most importantly, you are not necessary to conceal your own feeling because of others.

Instead, you should focus on those things that you think you are able to challenge and try your best.

You should focus on those things that you think you are able to challenge and try your best.

If you were focusing on working hard to earn money, in the end, you will find that you have already fulfilled your dreams.

If you study for what you would like to learn and you study so hard for that, in the end, you will find that you have already fulfilled your dream.

Once you decided to work hard day by day then it would become a part of your life in the end. Then someday when you find out, it has become your lifetime work.

“Having a pretty girlfriend”

In order to fulfill the goal of “having a pretty girlfriend”, you may attend those activities has more chances to meet pretty girls. At first, it may be you that you would like to bring happiness to others, you found out that you became the professional personnel and took very seriously on your lifetime job.

Maybe that’s how it works.

The motivation in the very beginning would be as simple as that.

The most important thing after becoming a member of society is to treat everything “seriously”.

You should work hard step by step yourselves without depending on others.

If you can work until you feel that it’s a waste to sleep and you work so hard and so concentrate. You will find that most of your dream accomplished.

I never thought that I would be a CEO president at first, it’s only because I need to start the business to survive. I was just working so hard until I noticed that there are many partners around me and also more responsibility. As a result, I realize how fulfill it is to accomplish a goal with everyone in my company and it makes me understand how huge my responsibility is towards my employees. It’s also the first time that I feel how happy it is to sustain those responsibility.

I have the same feeling for past fifteen years and until recently, I have the feeling of being a real CEO president, which includes all the happiness and the hard work from beginning until now.

“Do what you should do”

It’s important to work hard on what you have been given and to spend your everyday substantially. It may, to be overstated, be “the important mission” that has been given to us.

It is not easy to find out the “Dream” or “Goal”, which deserves you to challenge. Being the CEO president of a company is not given by others.

There are more people who pass away without finding their “Dream” or “Goal” even they put all their efforts on it. Of course, there are lucky ones.

However, if you can find your dreams and things that you are passionate about, no matter whether you can make it come true or not. I am sure that it will be the most meaningful and interesting part of your life.

Which means, “Dream” or “Goal” is the gift from the god to reward those people who work hard everyday.

That’s the reason why, I will never ask my OWNDAYS employees to

“Be the person like who I am” or

“Follow my step”.

My life is belonging to mine own and I am not going to give it you.
In the other hands, your life is also belonging to you and I don’t want it.

However, if you are now living your life without any dreams or objectives, maybe it’s a great idea for you to join OWNDAYS with us. Then maybe we can try to have the same goal of “Being the best eyewear store in Japan”. You will find out that how important it is to live your life seriously and to experience the happiness of accomplishing the same goal with your partners.

If you are working hard to pursue your “Dream” even it’s something that you are unable to continue in OWNDAYS and you have to change your direction to continue.

If the experiences that you gain in OWNDAYS will benefit your life, it would be meaningful for me to set up this company.

Even it may be a short period of time to work in OWNDAYS, I will still be proud of it.

Since you born in this world, you have to work hard for your own life. You have the responsibility.

Until now,

If you feel that “I know exactly how it feels” then you are most welcome to join OWNDAYS with us.

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