Xinhai Revolution

Assistance from overseas Chinese was important in the Xinhai Revolution. In 1894, the first year of the Revive China Society, the first meeting ever held by the group was held in the home of Ho Fon[1], an overseas Chinese who was the leader of the first Chinese Church of Christ. Overseas Chinese supported and actively participated in the funding of revolutionary activities, especially the Southeast Asia Chinese of Malaya (Singapore and Malaysia). Many of these groups were reorganized by Sun[2], who was referred to as the “father of the Chinese revolution”.

Since the 1980s, the reform after Cultural Revolution, there has been a renaissance of Manchu culture and language among the government, scholars and social activities with remarkable achievements. It was also reported that the resurgence of interest also spread among Han Chinese.

  1. which was located at Emma Lane, Honolulu. Ho Fon was Sun’s good friend.
  2. Sun Yat-sen