InsureX is the first of its kind global marketplace for Insurance which is based on the Blockchain Technology. It would be a great opportunity to consider investing in the project via as this presents an opportunity not only grow your money but help safe guard the most important assets people treasure.

As we know Insurance is very important in our lives and has considerable benefits. Insurance acts as a transfer / risk transfer mechanism, ie transferring risks such as providing financial security facilities and peace of mind from one party insured to the insurer.

However, this means that insurance companies can eliminate any misfortune you have. However, with the insurance, the risk of large losses due to the occurrence of a disaster can be minimized because previously you have invested in protection by paying a premium.

Insurance products are financial products that are useful to protect you from the risk of financial losses that occur in life. Related to it tesebut, insurance protection will certainly make you think more calm and able to work optimally. Who can imagine a time when our house suddenly fires, or you have certain diseases that require treatment at a cost that is not cheap. Can not it? All these risks must be managed to avoid financial losses. So buying an insurance policy is the most appropriate choice. Well here are some examples of existing insurance. Among health insurance, life insurance, car insurance and property insurance

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