A meal at Dee Vegetarian, Beijing.

I was invited to eat at Dee Vegetarian, the top 3 vegetarian restaurant in Beijing.

We started the meal with a light salad. The combination of radish, fresh walnuts and mint was most refreshing. The dressing was a rice vinegar& mirin-based.

Though the dish looked simple, it actually required a lot of work. Chefs need to peel the skin of walnuts to achieve a pure taste.

Fresh walnuts are a summer delicacy in China. While dried walnuts are nutty, rich and aromatic, fresh walnuts are crunchy, grassy and a little bitter. I was delighted to see Dee Vegetarian served this dish.

Tofu rolls with ginger sauce. It was lightly seasoned, so the aroma of tofu was very strong. I think it could have been more flavorful.

Sauteed young bamboo shoots with peas. Clean-tasting.

After three light dishes, I wanted something strong. Peanut curd with fried peanuts and chilli oil came just right.

Fried fava beans with Sichuan spices and chilli oil was a highlight of the meal. The fava beans were crispy outside and melt-in-your-mouth tender inside. Warning: it was quite spicy!

A sweet ending. Adzuki bean paste cake and coconut milk with seasonal fruits. The coconut milk was a touch too sweet for me.

Overall it was a good experience.

The chefs at Dee Vegetarian used seasonal ingredients and classical Chinese cooking techniques to present an elegant vegetarian meal. They showed Chinese vegetarian cooking doesn’t have to be greasy or heavy.


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