Discussion 2- What is the impact of Mass Media?

Media convergence is an interaction between old and new types of media, which combines various mediums like television and Internet industries, radios, magazines and etc. It also spreads and extends messages from numerous forms of media to audience successfully and widely. As audience changes through this progress, Media convergence creates a new form of interaction between producers and consumers. In the text, “For the company, ownership of such diverse operations is the key to synergetic mode of production,” (Klinenberg, 148) “On the business side, synergy allows big news companies to integrate their advertising sales work and create special package for clients;” (148) It shows that companies can take more advantages of Media convergence and enhance and improve “the efficiency of their marketing projects.” (149)

Until now, people already attained diverse forms of Media convergence; nevertheless, we have not reached all of types of Media yet; the world still exist other potential media types to add to Media convergence. As the rapid development of technology, the world will appears more new modes of medium to spread information to audience.

According to Klinenberg’s idea, digital media is transforming from print media, and people prefer to use digital media to propagandize news and advertisings, which increase news become more digital rather than printed. In the text, Klinenberg uses the example of Metro News Company, and he says, “a great newspaper could not survive unless it was embedded in a great news and entertainment network.” (148) Companies need to refashion their management and strategies to approach and gain the new media market.

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