Child’s Dreamland

Are you listening to it?
It is calling you to create

What’s stopping you
is it your own voice?

Or is it someone elses?

Can you know that you cannot let anyone down? 
including yourself…

It’s the work of not working
that you deliver into your brilliance

It is the justice of God that you know
your place — the child of God

Be home be safe 
like a wishful child

Dream and hold on the demand 
of creating

The wildest dream beyond 
your imagination

It is I that is you
that will hold the key of all the things undone

It is the sound of your voice, your laughter
that clears the space

for dreams to fall 
land and grow.

Listen child listen
for it is your time to blossom and soar

Too late is for those who 
are still listening to all the hurtful words
of those who have wronged them

Be well be good 
it is I that is you that
creates the dreamland beyond impossible

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