The Three Most Unintentionally Funny Conservative Books.

Conservatism has taken an intellectual leap forward since the inception of the Information Age. Divorced from religious philosophy, libertarians have made complex and convincing arguments defending the status quo and unadulterated capitalism.

Despite this, ‘Paleo-Conservatism’ manifests itself on Fox News and thrives in the print industry. So, without further ado, here are some of the most unintentionally funny conservative books of all time.

‘The Enemy Within: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on our Schools, Faith, and Military’.

Despite the fact that Information Age libertarianism is lacking in nationalism, old fogies like Michael Savage continue to captivate millions with hyperbole. Michael Savage claims to value free-speech, liberty, and diversity of opinion. Just as long as these values serve the interests of the state. How would conservatives react if a liberal labeled them as ‘enemies of the state’? For all the talk of impending socialism, those with anemic political philosophies can’t see that totalitarianism requires Michael Savage’s brand of ethnocentric nationalism.

Imagine living in a country so dangerous you had to carry a gun with you at all times. Sure, places like this do exist in Eastern European hellholes and some underdeveloped African nations. Some parts of Brazil and underdeveloped Latin nations also live in fear of violence. Do industrialized, ‘first-world’ nations such as Japan, the USA, and Western Europe need to have citizens who carry guns?

Ben Carson is, in many, many ways a brilliant man. In fact, his accomplishments as a neurosurgeon should put him in the ‘history books’, at the high school, collegiate, and graduate level. Nonetheless, Carson has a very poor understanding of evolution. Rhodes scholar Hillary Rodham Clinton may be the most successful female, United States politician of all time with her experience as first-lady, two terms as Senator of New York, and position as Secretary of State. However, her mishandling of modern technology such as email protocols suggest either a comic buffoonery or outright deception.

So, there’s a nice word for all this. I like the word farcical because it means both tragic and comic. I walk through life, in a very backward, conservative area, trying to think like the old Paleo-Conservatives. It’s actually quite fun. Let’s laugh with them and try not to laugh at them.