Why you were not born to have a job
Gustavo Tanaka

This story is a meditation on human nature that is sorely lacking a historical perspective. Humans mainly lived in small groups from about 200,000 B.P. to roughly 10-5,000 years ago. “paleo” living was brutal and consisted of laboring to find food. Even back in these times, there was some semblance of social hierarchy as most bands were led by “Big Men” or chiefs; and, their power could easily be challenged. Nonetheless, the leaders made decisions for reasons of expediency and social pressure developed as a pragmatic means to accomplish procurement of food and shelter. Round about 10,000 BP, humans domesticated grains, animals like dogs, and started villages. As in the case of Sumeria, as population rose and urban density created division of labor, society had an ever more evolving social hierarchy. The author of this letter writes about employee boss relations as if it’s not a particular relation found in modern capitalism. For example, feudalism had lords and vassals. Ancient Rome had a system of patronage and a clearly defined social classes such as plebes and equites. I shouldn’t be surprised a story like this is more popular than what I write. I need to either dumb down or shit up.