Choosing a career path or profession is as crucial as making other important life decision. Especially, when you are not sure what you want to be, what are your interests. and for that particular reason there are career councilors who’s job is to guide you and help you in finding your strong skills which helps you in making that decision easier but on the other hand if you are self-aware as what is your goal in life then there is still some problem and that is:

The orthodox mentality;

Ever since you turn 18 everybody around you starts to give you their “worthy advice”. As what career path to choose? Or what would be trending in the next few years? etc., as if people from Business insider came to them and told them in person about latest trends. And if you are like me from a “very DESI family” then may god help you. Because most of the desi families believe that there are only 3 or 4 successful professions (Doctor, Engineer, MBA) in this entire world and god forbid, if you haven’t chosen any one of those then you’ve certainly failed them and surely worthless.

Wait a minute, if you think that’s all, then I am really sorry for your inconvenience because the story doesn’t end here and the reason is, let suppose a child dream is to become a pastry chef or event decorator, writer or in the worst-case scenario an artist these people are generally tagged as moochers.

That’s the inside story now let talk about the extended family, your elders would start treating you like a doormat. when it comes to suggestions you would be the last person to ask for advice or sometime pretended like you never existed and for youngers set out as a perfect example of failure.

How can I forget the speculator?

Everybody whether its from your immediate family or from your extended came forward to find out the root cause of the problem in short the speculator , the first thing that came to their mind may be his/her career decision is influenced by the friend ,So now friends scrutiny is important , if perish this thought the next thing most often seen is maybe teacher’s are not good enough, lets change the teacher or school, then comes the media exposure and in the end if nothing then in extremely bad situations psychological issues. These are the people who turns your careers choice into a medical disease.

The So-called social norms;

This isn’t only a desi family problem but instead a global, we are not basically born in a family. We are actually born with a tagged family which are generally divided by class. the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. So, if you are born in a middle class family, How dare you think to start a business because your father is not millionaire you. dumbass , you are supposed to do a 9 to 5 job and if it turns out to be a government job then your life is all sorted and “Business” leave it to the upper class. Then their this upper class where who pretended to be very progressive but as soon as you say that you are not interested in those glamorous career paths, you are either be asked: if you are reading / exploring sofi-ism lately or maybe you are depressed. Lastly the lower class which we think are born to serve, what a misery and when someone from them gain fame or something, our very own social classes or society starts to idealize them, not because they have done something remarkable but frankly because who doesn’t want to be friends with a famous person. The double standards of the society change according to their convenience.

The Gender norms:

No matter how progressive we are, what society we belong to, when it comes to careers, we show the absolute amount of hypocrisy, we are consistently claiming that we are living in a modern society where women can work in every sector but do, we really mean it and are we really that supportive. For ages women is consider to stay home as a caregiver, homemaker, these very fancy names but in reality, a house wife who Is supposed to look after the kids, older family member, take care of the house in short a non-paid servant, not having an identity of her own and no right to complain either because It’s. her own house. When these females came forward to work along with men. our very own society tries hard to demotivate them, fail them. When all this doesn’t work, they put physical restrictions, for example women are not allowed to be a trucker in Russia, or cab driver in Saudi Arabia similarly in china females are banned from mining and in women are not allowed to lubricate cotton equipment in Pakistan. Where, on the other side males who generally is never opposed to work in any field in the current era found career conscious while choosing a “pink label” job. The professions that are predominantly adopted by females are not generally appreciated when attained by the male for example a male nurse, or a male nail artist is something you rarely hear off. Lastly the transgenders had to go through a lot when it come to working unlike any other normal person irrespective of the fact that like they have the same right to work to their living or to choose their career as anybody else. It feels like diversity and inclusion is just a topic in our text books.

Its high time to understand legitimate earning is important irrespective of its source and everybody has a right to choose his/her professions or career according to their likings and humiliation and discouragement should be stopped.



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