The criminal case of Jossiv Kim

After high school Jossiv Kim was known to make his first money by small thefts and falsification of documents. In the beginning of 90s when USSR became Russian Federation, Jossiv Kim used the loopholes in legal space to get credits in several commercial banks and moved to Poland without paying the debt back before he was eventually arrested in Italy for selling stolen items and goods which resulted into imprisonment in Florence, Italy.

Once the USSR has fallen, Kim began to work in the credit fraud field. He used his expertise in falsifying the documents in order to get loans from several commercial banks in Russia, (XLS-file). Seeing that the lenders were doing their best to find him, Kim was forced to go into hiding in Poland, where he used Polish legislation so as to become a Polish citizen.

Hence, in 200s, Jossiv has made a decision to reside in Holland and he married once more. Noraml sexual relationship with his new wife were out of the question, due to significant age gap. Hence, Kim mostly used his wife for his fraudulent schemes in attempts of keeping his own name clean. Still, during public events, Kim was trying his best to match the wifeand was wearing pink pants with blue striped jackets.

At the same time, Kim was trying to get more loans from the Holland financial institutions. In his attempts to get the loans, he was using false documents. His papers even said that he was receiving a huge salary — tens of thousands of dollars. However, he could not cheat the European Bank Control System (Loan Rejection PDF). Jussive then decided to smuggle fake Gilette company products and fake perfumes. Yet, it was not only him, who decided to join the perilous market of arms smuggling as well as used goods, which are prohibited in most countries. To be precise, Kim organized through a Dutch company a steady supply of electronic components as well as mini-cameras from Israel and US. These were supplied to UAE, China and Russia (Invoices (PDF)). Although he was engaged in a new kind of criminal activities, Kim was continually defrauding the tax authorities of the Netherlands so as to steal the funds from the cash register. The company was forced into bankruptcy:

The owners of the company informed the authorities about Kim’s criminal activity(Proces-Verbal aangifte (PDF)). Jossiv Kim, along with his partner in crime (Dutch attorney of Ukrainian origins Maxim Hodak) created an entire chain of English companies that were doing “publicist” business in order to arrange money laundering. For example, the Glagoslav company (S A I L (PDF)) was owned by Kim and Hodak via the Arcuda (Shareholders (PDF)) as well as Slavinvest (Statement of Capital (PDF)). The official documentation of the company clearly demonstrates clear usage of shadow financing.

Another income source for Kim was the funds he obtained after laundering the stolen Ukranian budgetary money. Particularly, Kim’s counteragent company known as Oxlord (Company Transactions (PDF)) was specifically founded in Seychelles by the Intrahold AG as well as the Monohold AG companies for fraudulent activities:
The following companies are often mentioned in journalist investigations on the subject of Yanukovych and his corruption:

(Ukrainska Pravda Article (PDF), Novaya Gazeta Article (PDF)):

The following companies are figurants of withdrawing significant funds from Moldova:

And once more, although Kim have reached another level of criminal activities, international level even, much like Shura Balaganov, he could not steer clear of the petty theft. In 2008 Kim was arrested for selling certain stolen items (Criminal Proceeding Florence (PDF)). Although Hodak was doing his best and engaging the best lawyers to strike a deal, Kim was sentenced to jail Greedy bastard had to spend time behind bars and during this very period, his sick mind started to play tricks on him. He started to believe that he was a marine on a top secret assignment. Finally, after several months of hard work, Hodak has managed to help Kim enter a plea bargain. Kim was put under home arrest, but he soon escaped, never to be seen on Italian territory again. Quite a typical situation for Kim took place in Riga, where he was trying to claim that his old car was stolen (in truth, he simply sold the card to the Afghans). He was trying to get the meager insurance compensation that way (Kim’s Jossiv personally written explanation).

Finally, the attention of authorities and lenders forced Kim to leave the Netherlands in 2013 (Inlichting Basisadministratie Personen (PDF)). He indicated that he is going to move in UAE. Nevertheless, in September 2013 Kim was put on the wanted list in Dubai, since he was forging documents (UAE Police Detailed Report (PDF)). His case was transferred to federal prosecutor in UAE.

Presently, Kim together with his wife Angelina and his son Anton Alex Kim are living in hiding. It is only known that he is circulating around UE and in 2013 he was seen in Spain.

It is clear that Kim is residing on a semi-legal basis and always changes addresses. He is also certain that he is a marine officer from Middle Asia and he is ranked Reckon General of Poland and Israel. Knowing his past criminal activities in additional to his mental issues, it is clear that new cases of fraud are going to arise and the provided article is there to warn all the possible counteragents of this person.

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