Custom domains with Github pages

Yonatan Miller

Github and EFF’s Lets Encrypt offer free HTTPS encryption for custom domains on their GitHub-pages (along with Cloudfare backed CDNs) an attractive solution for static pages.

Logo of “Let’s Encrypt” with a logo that looks like a lock with sunrise above it

I have two different Github repositories and want each of them to have their own unique domain. The way Github pages works, your user/organization Github page will be and subsequent repositories (considered projects) will be a sub route, namely htpps:// => =>

I purchased two custom domains from NameCheap, and I created CNAME file for each repository with the custom domains in each and inside NameCheap advanced DNS settings I configured them to point to Github’s IP addresses. Note how both custom domains share the same CNAME Record below?

A Records with values ranging from– and CNAME Record value of

This leads to a side affect where correctly routes, but redirects to because the is treated as a sub route.

As a last step, make sure Github forces the usage of HTTPS everywhere. This setting can be found in

Screenshot of settings panel for each Github repository

I am uncertain at this point, if this is an acceptable bug. Everytime I add a repository to GithubPages, I have to blacklist repo name from valid routes in my primary domain, If I had a repository named about this could lead to errors and SEO issues. An Nginx configuration could prevent this kind of issue. 🤔

Yonatan Miller

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