We Say We Want Community, But That’s a Crock
Benjamin Sledge

Humans are “cognitive minimalists”. Research into how and why people believe rumors so readily, concluded that this was the reason. Alas, “lazy” is so negatively loaded and “too lazy to think” is worse.

Hardly a surprise, but something worth noting here. On average, the brain comprises 2% of our bodies but consumes as much as 20% of daily energy output. Really, it’s just cost-benefit analysis, and clearly, we’re trying to save our strength in case we suddenly lack food or have to flee a pack of hyenas…

Facebook is a triumph because human evolution moves so slowly. We want the collective’s validation and some pleasant company, but prefer to not exert ourselves. Tadaa!

And when it comes to vulnerability, did I mention our kind’s obsessive self-protection (or risk-avoidance, if you prefer)? Lovecraft noted that mankind’s most powerful emotion is fear, and most intense is the terror of the unknown. If we open up to others, who knows what bad things they may think of us? Clearly, the risk-reward calculation is skewed to the downside.

Friends and deep relationships are work and pain. Also the only true way to a meaningful and satisfying life.

Everything has a price. I pay it because this is worthwhile for me. Many people won’t. Nobody’s wrong here because, mostly, we all get what we pay for.

But yeah, the whining of the entitled is pathetic.

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