Trump and the Coming Cultural Revolution
Bo Shao

If you’ve never heard of Godwin’s Law, may be good to look it up. Your piece activated the better-known corollary of it, thus why the discussion almost immediately turned into a chimp fight, so called because much screaming and throwing of poo.

Rather than debating differences and similarities between madmen and their enablers, I’d like you to consider that you’re confusing the symptom (Trump fever) for the disease (Imperial metastatic cancer, in this case).

Mao was a product of his context, just as Trump is the product of ours. It’s not like this is the first time — you’ll find Warren Harding under a search for “bloviation” in Wikipedia. There are obvious parallels to that previous presidential mistake.

Trump is the dude floating atop the pool that is the United States. He’s a useful indicator of the sort of country you live in right now. A large minority of your fellow citizens voted for this guy (I thought women would be too smart to do that and I was wrong, so there’s that).

His nature was neither subtle nor secret, yet here we are.

I understand that most people are in various degrees of denial about the reality of this situation, and there’s pervasive, willful ignorance of the historical context. I mean, they still think theirs is a republic not a plutarchy, bless their heart, despite decades of evidence to the contrary…

Humans have prospered for millennia by picking up and moving to places where things suck less badly. You are not living in China for various reasons, and you write like a sensible person.

Please consider that, in light of your present and likely future options.