5 Reasons to Hire Women Over 40 at Your Tech Startup

In the context of this milieu (automation, biotech, globalization, gene editing, robotics, space exploration, additive manufacturing, IoT, etc.), age and gender roles are so quaint…which is to say, archaic and asinine.

The desperate need for cognitive diversity should be self-evident to everyone (despite recent political developments to the contrary). It would be lovely if we could get past the biases and absurdities that have carried over from the industrial era into our modern, centenarian-life-expectancy, pervasively technological, 3D-printed, always-on-and-everywhere-connected, 24/7 global reality.

Once upon a time, humans worked the assembly line or office job or whatever, Mon-Fri 9–5, and then went home to the TV and/or fam, to eventually retire at 60-something and move to their version of Florida. I’m sure some people somewhere still do that. I stay up until 4AM fielding analytics questions from meetings in the UK (I’m on the Canadian Left Coast).

Maybe we can do better at some point soon. The traditionalist political backlash is wasteful and counterproductive. And younger generations are prone to narrow-minded generalizations too, same as their elders.

They may learn differently (though likely not), probably when they also become the object of bias. Oh wait, they already are…Cosmic Justice, it’s a thing.

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