We don’t need to teach our kids to code, we need to teach them how to dream
Tom Goodwin

Reimagine instead that the entity we seek to educate, train, and employ is a dyadic person — not a single person, but two people who have been trained to work together as a unit. Beyond dyad is triad, N-ad, and “corporation”.

The concept has been tried in “peer programming” and has the possibility of dramatically increasing productivity far beyond the factor of 2 in “cost”, mostly by eliminating “stupid errors” and by a huge speed edge by spending much less time “stuck in traffic” when the other person knows the answer.

In other word, instead of training individuals in an intensely competitive singlet environment, then expecting them to “work together” with others as a team, train dyadic TEAMS directly, from day one, with the expectation that they will be bound for their working lives.

As has been found in the analog of computing, you don’t build a supercomputer with a “super chip” — you abandon that concept, and build a super collective meta-body of regular-chip computers that have been assembled so as to work together seamlessly and cooperate with each other as their primary objective and constraint in life.

In other words, cooperate, and seek ever larger metabodies. If you can’t find a job, expand “you” to two people, 3 people, whatever N people it takes to form a competitive, functioning, and productive work unit / legal “person” / corporation. This should be routine, not exceptional.