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Every once in a while, a new technology takes the world by storm and it’s all anyone can ever talk about. Some re-engineer how we interact with each other. Some re-architect how we transact with each other. And some…well, some re-define how we understand the entire universe. At IDEO CoLab, we use design to see how technology can change human lives, but quantum gives us a whole new lens for looking at our universe.

For this, we need to change our design approach and make our own research tools. We landed on a card deck that helps designers look at quantum computing on an interactive timeline…and surprisingly ended up helping quantum researchers as well. …

A guide to acing the online application

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Applications for the 2020 CoLab fellowship are now open! Since we often get a lot of questions about what we’re looking for in a CoLab fellow, we’ve put together a short guide to help you submit your best application possible.

To start, what makes our process unique is that it’s a two-parter, with an initial online application and then an in-person makeathon. The online application works as a sort of screener, and the makeathon is a chance to get to know each other face-to-face and do a test run of co-creating together. …

Shuya Gong is the co-founder and CTO of unsize. Recently, she and co-founder Katie Wilhoit wrapped up a semester long design project on unsize as clients of Scout, Northeastern’s student run design and development studio. Shuya continues to head up creative direction and product design at unsize. These are some learnings and takeaways from our project together.

This past academic semester, Katie and I had the great privilege of working with Scout, Northeastern’s student led design and development studio. …


Shuya Gong

Designer @ IDEO CoLab. Harvard 2017. Percussionist, mechanical engineering, design. @ohmygong

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