The newscaster

A few days ago, the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics was held in Rio. Athletes from different countries all have finished one of the greatest voyages in their careers. Meanwhile the press and media withdrew their reporters after reporting the events to the world.

Sho Sakurai , a newscaster for Nippon TV, also finished his reports and left for Tokyo.

Wearing a striped shirt and a blazer in the stadium, this lovely young man showed a distinct star quality.

In addition to being a newscaster, Sakurai is well known to the public as a singer and an artist in an idol group named Arashi. This makes him popular and famous among the young. His insistence on working as a newscaster have gotten him extensive popularity.

I firstly knew him,as a singer. His brilliant and stunning performance on stages cheered me up when I felt frustrated and struggle with my undergraduate learning. I became a fan of him and began to learn more about him.

Sakurai writes and raps for Arashi. He sticks to writing his own rap exploiting the pronunciation and rhythm to create a unique style. The third identity for him is a professional emcee for many TV programs, including , appearing to organizing staged events on screens.

Actively circulating between different jobs, creating multiple public images, Sakurai’s education background cannot be overlooked. He was the first performer in Johnny & Associates talent agency to graduate from college. This surprised me a lot because giving up higher education had become a norm for singers or actors due to the time limits and pressure. The place he finished the degree is known as the oldest institute of higher education in the nation, Keio University. Since then, many young artists and idol group members are encouraged to strike a balance between work and study. Under the spotlight , what lies behind the curtain has been a long period of struggling, enduring and self-exploring for Sho Sakurai.

Sakurai’s time in Keio University was the dark period in his life. At the beginning point of the group, music album sales embarrassed them and they had to accept all kinds of work just to show on the screen or to be abandoned and forgotten. The burden on his career did not strike him down. He was never hesitant to quit university even though both work and study exerted huge pressure on him. Schooling in the daytime without being late or absent, doing jobs in studio in the evening or shooting out on location sometimes lasting almost a whole night, his four-year campus life as well as the career life was filled with these schedules with 3 hours of sleep per day or less.

The coincidence is that he majored in economics which is exactly the same major as mine. Though I had difficulties doing economics researches and always wanted to quit, his experience in university really encouraged me to finished my education.

People congratulated his graduation from Keio university in 2004, but no one can imagine how he got through the four years and how many tearful stories was hidden behind his smile at the ceremony. However, it is the darkest days shaped his character, guided to a brighter future and made him who he is today. What he learned in university laid solid foundation for journalist’s jobs afterwards.

In 2006 he started his journalism career as a newscaster in Nippon TV’s News Zero. Aiming at commuters, especially the young who prefer to watch news at night , News Zero hired Sakurai to increase attractions for young people. Though some had doubts about this decision,his enduring efforts enabled him to gain recognition from other journalists. This year he went to Fukushima more than once for the follow-up reports about Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The disaster happened in 2011 but the radiation in the area can still threaten health. Regardless of the health problem, he wento accident sites instead of sitting in the studio. This allowed him to gave more affective broadcasts.

Sho Sakurai works for News Zero.

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he has reported the sports events on the ground for successive five Olympic Games. He interviewed sports athletes after extensive reading. He is also open-minded and considered different viewpoints.

What deeply touched me is that his existence and reports on screen enable the news program to be more interesting and passionate. In the past, I did not consider a great journalist can attract more people to focus on social events.

As a newscaster and a reporter, his professional attitude, erudition and the empathy help me to grow interests in journalism. His days in Keio University were the darkest days for him now brighten my road to further learning. His focus and enthusiasm in news also encourage me the way his stage performance used to.

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