Cheap or Fraud: Buying Substandard Laptop Batteries

When our laptops have already exhausted beyond their capacity, we can either buy a new one or replace the broken part. One of the most vital parts of a laptop is its battery. Clearly, our device cannot function without it.

Buying a new battery can cost a lot of money. This is why we have to really consider what we purchase and make sure it can last long even if not longer than the original one.

There are two basic types of laptop batteries: the brand-name batteries that the manufacturer sells and the aftermarket batteries that are available from third-party resellers which often for a significantly lower price.

The trade in aftermarket batteries is growing quickly, perhaps by as much as 30% a year, according to the Peterson Group, distributor of mobile accessories and laptop peripherals in Jakarta and Taiwan.

However, with the growing demand for aftermarket batteries which do not own any brands, a lot of people confuse it with fraudulent ones which are also prevalent in many side markets. Some of which are indeed fakes which can only last for one charging and may even harm your gadget but there are some which are products of substandard materials but do not have the intention of deceit.

In many online stores, the manufacturers promise one thing and produce another. These are considered as scams. One account happened in Jakarta when a customer purchased a ThinkPad R50 as a replacement for his own battery. It turns out that the battery is the same as ThinkPad T40. No warranty was ever given nor a return address. It can even be hard to tell the original one from the aftermarket copy. Fly by night markets for these batteries are rampant in Indonesia and downtown Bangkok.

Of course, even if the battery doesn’t explode or catch fire, the third-party battery may not work as well as you’d expect. It may not have as much capacity as the original battery or may deteriorate much more quickly, holding less and less charge. Perhaps, you get what you have paid for?

On the other hand, not all products of aftermarkets are fakes. They just come cheaper but it can better to use them if you are saving money. Frequently, the only things that separate the two types of batteries are whose name is on the label and how much it costs. In fact, the MacBook Pro battery that Laptop Battery Express sent me was actually an Apple-branded battery with all the markings, including a serial number.