C-Studio Project IV Process Notes

Gill sans animated


the list of features I want to show in the animation

From the reading…

some of my notes on reading; main points summarized below ↓
  • If Contents don’t follow the right>left, top>bottom reading order, viewers might find the message not coherent; at least a consistent ‘kinetic pattern’ should be created so that viewers know where to look. However, too many monochromatic movements could make the animation boring. To what degree shall the patterns be consistent is tricky.
  • Good transition aid communication and enhance the message.
  • These are more ways to control hierarchy when it comes to videos and each frame kind of their own hierarchy! One major controller is pace. Text fade quicker shall be less important compared to those who get a pause and stayed on screen longer.
  • The sound should agree with visuals and aid communication (light text= light and soft music, heavy impactful font=heavy beat).
  • Depth in the animation: closer objects move faster and become blurry when they get too close. Further images shall have less color contrast and clarity.

Viable music (and their pros & cons)

The first draft of the script

initial script
  • keep visual simplistic, minimize the usage of the photo (although it is dominant in the spread)
  • Probably the electrical swing (2nd choice) is better for these content since there is more slow-down/speed-up built in the music.
  • Repetitive phrases: Probably want to put make them occur at the same location of the screen.

The storyboards

Hand drew storyboards ↑ I’ll digitize them so thta I can get a stop motion-ish version of my video before I start making it in AE

An experiment

←(roughly) Testing the idea of animating old photos; → some process
building vanishing points in PS

Editing the music

Audition project file; some adjustments and mostly piecing together the original music into a roughly one minute shorter version


Since I did these with a greater amount of detail, I result in a lot more keyframes. This is not the best way to show these though. (see these assembled into a video (↓).
Digital storyboards roughly assembled
  • The pace of the font autonomy part could be slower.
  • The structure of the script: I originally plan to reinforce the features of the font at the very end of the video. This leads to a sudden jump from the brand logo to autonomy again. The flow gets interrupted and audiences might be confused. I’ll just remove this part when I move to AE.
  • The 3D plane switch for the title might be confusing; the time allowed for viewers to process the info is too short. Plus after this section, I have the animated photos, which, form the hierarchy perspective, should be the most significant part of the video and should be the most catchy part (‘oh this is interesting’ moment). So content right before this section should be on the quiet and stable side.


first half in AE ↑
  • The music and color are fine; fits Gill sans. The yellow sometimes I noticed the color (unintentionally) shifted on the big screen. I’ll check the color profile of the app file.
  • Another thing I didn’t notice at the computer-screen scale is: some text feels horsy (‘A_____Figure’ part). Just like doing tests print for the spread, it’s better to frequently hook the laptop to the bigger screen to check the video in the size and scale thta it is going to be eventually displayed.
  • the pace is readable but still on the fast side. Slow down.
  • ‘Kill the daring.’ The video can be impactful with very restricted movements. The goal is effective storytelling and communication and celebrating the font. There are some nice moments in the animated photos, but I might be over-doing it. I’ll figure out a way to focus the message on the typographer and font rather than catchy animations.
  • Vicki mentioned some scripts are hard to understand. English is my 2nd language so I didn’t realize these issues, so I asked Mason to check the scripts.
class notes

Adjusting the script

  • almost a circle → very circular
  • geometric overlay → geometric structure
  • ’A Sculptor.’ (The capital AS and full stop feels there are too many attention points in a short sentence. As such structure hets repeated for three times)→ A sculptor, calligrapher, and typography.
  • A ______ figure. (similar issue and the keyword in the middle (in yellow) feels descending.)→ curious (just the keywords in middle, color change to black).

10/11 A full draft


  • for the opening part, I used to match one bar of rhythm to a letter. In the current version, I matched 2 bars to one letter so the script becomes much more accessible.
  • Only kept the most interesting of the three animated photos. So viewers can be drawing t the animation and then pay attention to my message (rather than keep thinking about the animation).
  • Made the last part fade slowly, cueing viewers: we are going to end soon.

10/12 Issues in the 2nd draft & Fixes

testing bounce ane elasticity of the slot machine part ←original in draft 2 →stabilized

Reduce bouncing and distortion

Newer logo transitions, but still has pace issue

Logo display

Test print → Test render

a glitch in the 1st draft

Adding Snap sounds

testing adding a snap sound at the end of letter M

Testing the pace…

screen recording of user read test

10/15 3rd draft

The third draft — new logo display and adjusted pace
  • I reversed the figure-ground color of the ’43 font’ slot machine part. Hierarchy, this line is more connected to the following content (which talks about the typeface rather than the typographer). Applying the same color scheme, I tried to tie this line tighter to ‘ideal for body…perfect for display”. Also I personally really like the snap sound I added to this version. It’s making the transitions more lively and crisp.
  • The current logo display part still feels quite fast, I tried to ease the dizzy feel by color everything else other than the current logo on display black. Since distractors are muted, people are likely to get the logos in a shorter amount of time. I could slightly slow down the music, but the pitch adjustments would be tricky.
  • When rendering out, both the media encoder and Ae shifts the yellow color so the yellow became desaturated. Currently, I tried to enhance the color with the hue panel, but the result is still not ideal.

10/15 Refinements

← misplaced period and → position after adjustment
grey color on my spread, in the 3rd video draft, and in the current video draft
above=before, lower= current; left=how the colors are in the video, right=desaturated

Issues identified by test - play on the big screen

Exposure issue: The animated photo part is too dark that it’s hard to see the figure’s face. Other parts could be lighter, so I raised the overall exposure of the animation.
Bottom of the screen glitch: There are a couple of glitches that are really hard to see on a smaller scale.

Revisiting the spread

adjusted spread

Reflection upon workflow

10/17 The show

my final video for the project; And this is the end of C mini. Thanks for reading (๑´ㅂ`๑)



More stuff → http://www.shuyuliujenny.design

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