E-Studio Project II Process Notes

Enriching the narrative experience in Phipps Conservatory

class notes Nov.19th

Who visits Phipps?

←Events targeting at younger audiences → Botanical knowledge and photography targeting at older audiences
↑ People’s reviews regarding family experience


The three fictional personas I developed for the project ↑

1st Visit to Phipps

(Cuba section) Hut kiosk in Phipps — multiple activities included
some more photos (interior and exterior of the hub)…

1st Draft(s)

Initial 2D & 3D Storyboards

part of my initial 2D story bords: the process of pointing + zoom a plant’s model
initial iteration 1: pointing at a plant + zoom idea
initial iteration 2: lifecycle cycle slider idea
initial iteration 3: Map & physical pins idea

Feedback from Daphne & Peter

Class notes Nov 21st

2nd draft

more 2D storyboards

Physical model & physical storyboard

Some process photos of making the physical model ↑
photos of the physical model
physical storyboard- the whole hut experience for a new visitor

Photoshoping over photos of Phipps

the slider interaction
The interface of the tutorial
Zooming in and out the plant model in MR
3rd person perspective — if we can see what a Phipps viewer is seeing
pop-up window: the gesture controls
map location vs physical location locator

Digital media self-reflection

3rd draft

Developing the interaction…

Sketching out the whole experience to check the disclosure sequence

Another Physical storyboard

Physical storyboard 2.0 — first half of the experience in AE

Feedback from Daphane & some issues I identified

comparing HoloLens3 HoloStudio UI & my design solution
Some information I find useful in improving my gesture controls and placing my contents

Trying Reality Composer

screen recording with my phone ↑: a successful trial
← a failed trial: reality composer fails to recognize the organic shape// → tropical leaf shapes: Reality Composer might fail to read+ track
← no background + bounding box in Reality Composer VS. → white background + bounding box in PS
adjusting delay and animation duration in Reality composer to achieve a comfortable expierence

Shooting+ making the sketch video

rough storyboards for the sketch video (yellow= thrid person, light-blue= first person)
the initial draft of the sketch video

Making the final sketch video

class notes Dec.3rd and Dec 5th: on final presentation and feedback on sketch video

The presentation

←sketch on paper →the final slide in my presentation illustrating the backend system supporting the interaction
persona slides in my final presentation

Final self-reflection

Final sketch video

The end~ Thanks for your attention~



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