Is ‘13 Reasons Why’ Increasing the Danger of Suicide or Reducing it?
Drake Baer

Drake, Your coverage is so timely. I finished the speed watching of the episodes last night, been on it since more than a month. And believe me, I cried a bucketful of tears in the ending act. It was gruesome but so real. The actors are amazing and have depicted reality that has struck our society worldwide with ‘dainted adults’ and a ‘perfect person’ such as Hannah among them who doesnt fit in the society and hence feels lost.

I agree that the producers could have done better by putting the warning texts, atleast in the suicide scene which was so gory.

I still shiver while thinking of the series. Was so addicted to it and loved every bit of the acting. Such an emotional one. But definitely the next series needs to thwart any undue acts by children or adults influenced by it, by incorporating sufficient warnings.